Kasey and the Mystery of Mandy is the 1st Book.

Chapter 1: Kasey's Family Edit

"KASEY!!!!!!!!" My Younger Sister, Genevive Said, who is only 9 Years Old. It was a Lovely December Evening in Wellsvillle, Pennslyvania in my Huge House, which was really a Mansion. I Guess I Should Answer some Questions, like: Who is Genevive? Where is Wellsville? Who's Kasey? Well, I'll Explain. You See, I'm Kasey Miller, Well, My Middle Name is Katherine, but only my Great Grandmother Serena calls me that. You See, you May have heard of my Famous Parents, Kristy and Bart Miller. My Parents Met in Middle School when my mom, Kristy, was Coaching a Softball Team for my Aunts and Uncles. And my Dad, Bart, was Coaching another Team. Mom's Team was called, "Kristy's Krushers." and Dad's Team was called, "Bart's Bashers." They Began Dating in High School Junior Year, and Got Married when they were 18. Then, in 1992, they had my Eldest Sibling, Beck, my 22-Year Old Brother, and so on. My Mom was the President of the Babysitter's Club: Generation 1. With Claudia, Mary-Anne, Dawn, Stacy, Mallory, and Jessi, her Friends. So, now I'm the President!  MORE COMING SOON

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