Kasey and the Mystery of Mandy is the 1st Book.


Chapter 1: The New Babysitter's Club Edit

"Mandy, I'm Home!" I Said as I Entered the Kitchen of my House. I Dropped my Backpack on the Table and Dropped my Gym Shoes Neatly on the Floor. (I'm a Neat Freak.) My 16-Year Old Sister, Mandy, placed a Plate of Golden Oreos and Strawberries on the Table. Oh, I Guess Now Would be a Good Time to Tell you Who I Am! Well, my Name is Kasey Miller, President of the NBSC! Well, the NBSC is another Name for the New Babysitter's Club. The Club Got Started late in the 5th Grade in the Year 2011, when I was 10. My Mom had to find a sitter for my 6-Year Old (9-Year Old, Now.) brother, Tony. Then, I Realized that I was old enough to babysit! So, I Decided to Call my Friends, Lindsey Johnson, Zoey Adamson, Carly Phrochin, and the Twins: Darla and Marla Evinton. Since then, We have Been: The New Babysitter's Club! First, I'm the President 'cause it was MY Idea! I have my own phone line, so We have Meeting in my Room. We have Meetings every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5:00-6:30 PM. I'm 13 Years Old and in the 8th Grade at Wellsville Middle School. I Have Long Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. I have Softball Practice every Day expect on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 PM. I Also have Ballet every Monday from 1:00-2:30 PM. I have a Big Family of 4 Sisters and 3 Brothers. Lindsey Johnson is my BFF, and the Vice President! She's Black Skinned and she has only 1 Sister and 1 Brother. She has Frizzy, Curly Blackish Brown Short Hair. We All Call her Lindy. She Takes Karate on Sundays and Fridays from 2:30-3:00 PM. She's 13 Years Old and in the 8th Grade. Next, is Zoey Adamson. Her Real Name is Zoella. Zoey is 14 Years Old and has Blonde Hair. She is the Treasurer of the NBSC and Counts all the Money. It Pays for Sleepovers, Slumber Parties and Kid Kits. Kid Kits are when we fill these tiny little kits with our old toys, books and games. Eventually, We have to replace the Activity Books, Crayons and other stuff. Zoey's Parents are from Canada, so She's Canadian-American. Next, is Carly Phrochin. Carly's Real Name is Carlson. She's 11 Years Old and the Youngest Member. She's a Junior Officer, which means she's too young to take on night jobs unless they're jobs from family. Carly has a Brother, and she has a boyfriend. Next, are the Twins: Darla and Marla Evinton. Darla is 5 Minutes Older, but Both Twins are 13. Darla was Born at 7:52, and Marla was born at 7:57. Darla is the Alternate Officer, when means she's a Sub for anyone who misses a Meeting. Marla is the Sectertary. She Writes down everything that goes on in the Club.

Chapter 2: Mandy MysteriousEdit

Mandy took out a Box of Crackers and a Bottle of Squirt Cheese. She Squirted a Small Amount onto a Cracker and Stuffed it into her Mouth. I took out my Spanish Homework and Started. QUESTION 1: Write your Favorite Color in Spanish. I Wrote down 1 Word: Azul. Which is Spanish for Blue. QUESTION 2: In Spanish, Write your Responsh to a Man Offering Candy to you. I Wrote Down a Sentence: No voy a aceptar dulces de extranos! Which Translates to: "I'm not taking Candy from Strangers!" I Went up to Mandy. "Where's your Report Card?" I Said. "None of your Bussiness, little girl!" (Mandy Calls me Little Girl Because I'm 13, and She's 16.) I Glared at Mandy. "Ok, I Made 3 C's and 2 D's! Happy?" Mandy Said. 

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